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kindly find below information about EN1150 & EN13356:

The standards EN1150 (high-visibility clothing for non-professional use) and EN13356 (high-visibility accessories) have been withdrawn. Existing certificates remain valid until the certificate expires.

The new EN17353 standard combines both products and distinguishes between 3 types (see appendix)

Slapwraps classifies as type B2 (use only in the dark)

Type B2 includes retroreflective products or retroreflective materials that are either are/is temporarily or permanently arranged only on limbs; these products are for that designed to detect movement. The retroreflective material must be at least a separate detachable product to be placed on the limbs or it must be permanently integrated into the design of clothing as a retroreflective element.

The minimum area of reflective material is 0.018m² (see Table 2)

EN17353 -The minimum area of reflective material is 0.018m2

The minimum area of retroreflective material must meet the requirements in Table 2. To ensure 360° visibility (visibility from all sides), one or more Products are attached to any upper and/or any lower limb. When retroreflective material is applied to a garment, it must be applied that way that 360° visibility (visibility from all sides) is achieved. The material has to be like that the limbs to ensure that each limb is of a minimum width surrounded by 20 mm. Any gap in the longitudinal continuity of the retroreflective material, parallel to the direction of the Material measured not to exceed 50mm and the sum of such gaps around the limbs not be larger than 50 mm. Any offset no greater than the width of the media plus 5mm is allowed.

In addition, separate retroreflective elements may form part of an attached design in connection with the foregoing. The retroreflective elements must each have a minimum area of 25 cm2. In the case of B2 garments that cover the upper and lower limbs, it can retroreflective material on upper limbs only, lower limbs only, or on both upper and lower limbs is applied. In the latter case, the Minimum quantity according to Table 2 for the upper limbs and also used for the lower limbs.

This requirement is only met if a set of 2 pieces (both arms or both legs) are placed on the market together.

EN 17353 2020 Kategorisierung

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