Today our team received an email from a client in Norway, it says like below:


so the whole shipment was returned to the supplier in China due to EN 17353 and he was not able to present the certification documents to customs.

EN17353 is a European standard that specifies the performance requirements and test methods for high-visibility clothing, including safety vests. The standard outlines the minimum levels of visibility, color, and retroreflection that a garment must meet in order to be considered a high-visibility garment.

If safety vests are imported without EN17353 certification, there is a risk that the reflective vests may not meet the required standards for visibility, color, or retroreflection. This could result in the vests being less effective at increasing the visibility of the wearer, which in turn could increase the risk of accidents and injuries.

Furthermore, importing safety vests without EN17353 certification could lead to regulatory issues and potential legal consequences. In the European Union, for example, certain types of high-visibility clothing must be certified to EN standards in order to be legally sold or used in the workplace. If the imported vests do not meet the required standards, they may be considered non-compliant and subject to penalties and fines.

In summary, importing safety vests without EN17353 certification can result in increased safety risks and potential legal issues. It is important to ensure that any imported safety vests meet the required standards for visibility and performance.