Marking of EN 17353:2020

For garments, the marking requirements defined in EN IS0 13688:2013 shall be met. The devices shall be marked with the following:
a) name of the manufacturer and address;
b) number and year of this document;
c) type of equipment.

lf a maximum number of cleaning cycles is stated in the manufacturer’s instructions, this number shallbe related to the component of the enhanced visibility material with the lowest number of washes.
lf applicable, the maximum number of washes shall be marked on the equipment’s label near to the graphical symbol.
All products shall be marked with the symbols according to Figure 2, indicative of daylight and/or dark conditions of use.
The marking of the device shall be on the product itself or if not possible on labels attached to the product or to the smallest packaging unit.

Figure 2- Enhanced visible equipment

download the EN17353 marking symbol in PDF