CE EN13356:2020 is for Europe Countries. Because of Brexit, the UK has its own standard UKCA. then you will have to apply for another certificate for the UK market.

To apply for the UKCA for the reflectors EN17353, we advise contacting SATRA UK.  the website is www.satra.com.

Firstly you need to send the product photo to them to check if the product is OK for EN17353 because not all the reflective products can be fit for EN17353.

You will need to fill out the below documents

1, PPE Regulation general technical file Issue 5 – Effective (ID 17737).doc

2, PPE doc 3 UKCA application of UKCA mark Issue 3.1 (ID 257135).doc

after testing is finished and the result is PASS. you will get the full testing report and then start to apply for the certificate.

The cost for the transfer of the SATRA EU Certificate to UKCA Regulations is £273.

SATRA does require supporting documents for this transfer – Proposed UKCA User information & Marking.

Please note the assessors have currently a lead time of approx. 16 weeks for initial review of documents from receipt of payment and all completed technical files.