Can A Reflective Ankle Clip Meet EN17353

A reflective ankle clip is used for cycling safety, with the reflective material on the clip, you can clip it onto your ankle when you are cycling at night time.

The reflective material on the reflective ankle clip is about 1X22cm, that’s 22cm2. So can the reflective ankle clip meet with EN17353 ?

the answer is no.

When we asked about this issue from Satra UK. here is the reply.

I have looked at the images of the bicycle clips. Under the standard EN 17353:2020 these could only be considered as Type B2 (Equipment for limbs) accessories. Type B2 accessories only have a function in dark conditions.

These items would Fail the requirements for a Type B2 accessory as they do not comply with the requirements of clause 5.3.3, which requires such items to be a minimum of 20mm in width. You have indicated they are only 10mm in width.

Further, a pair of Type B2 accessories must have a minimum area of 180cm2, a pair of your devices only have an area of 44cm2. So, the accessory would Fail the requirements of Table 2 of the standard.

Additionally, as the proposed accessory is in the form of a bicycle clip, it should not present a gap around the limb that is greater than 50mm, I cannot tell whether this requirement would be met by the accessory, but it might fail that requirement also.

As you know the sample would have to meet all the retro-reflectivity requirements set out in the standard. These are the same as those in EN13356.