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Dear Supplier, kindly find below information about EN1150 & EN13356: The standards EN1150 (high-visibility clothing for non-professional use) and EN13356 (high-visibility accessories) have been withdrawn. Existing certificates remain valid until the certificate expires. The new EN17353 standard combines both products and distinguishes between 3 types (see appendix) Slapwraps classifies as type B2 (use only in […]

EN17353 was approved by CEN on 5 July 2020 for protective clothing – Enhanced visibility equipment for medium-risk situations. It will fully replace EN13356 and EN1150 in June 2023. The EN17353 has 3 different types: Type A for daylight, Type B for dark conditions, and Type C for daylight, twilight, and dark conditions. But what […]

Here we released the product design template for reflective cross belt EN17353 Type B3 (Certificate number: 2777/20042-O1/EOO-00) The printing will be on the sticker of the buckle, which is the requirement for the CE – need 360-degree reflection. Click to download Product Description: Adult size adjustable cross belt with 25mm wide retro-reflective tape on 38mm […]

A reflective ankle clip is used for cycling safety, with the reflective material on the clip, you can clip it onto your ankle when you are cycling at night time. The reflective material on the reflective ankle clip is about 1X22cm, that’s 22cm2. So can the reflective ankle clip meet with EN17353 ? the answer […]

What is EN ISO 20471? Summary The “Official Journal of the European Union” published the new EN ISO 20471:2013 standard on 28th June 2013, officially replacing at the same time the existing standard EN 471:2003+A1:2007. EN ISO 20471:2013 specifies requirements for high visibility clothing that is capable of visually signaling the user’s presence. The high […]

CE EN13356:2020 is for Europe Countries. Because of Brexit, the UK has its own standard UKCA. then you will have to apply for another certificate for the UK market. To apply for the UKCA for the reflectors EN17353, we advise contacting SATRA UK.  the website is Firstly you need to send the product photo […]

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